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We are industry leaders in understanding Flow Control processes and products to give you the most reliable solution you are looking for.

Our service and product offering spans across Electric, Electro-Hydraulic, Hydraulic and Pneumatic actuators, Actuator spares, Gearboxes, Positioners and Valves.

Our Offering

Service Categories

Supply / Install / Commission

Onsight supply, installation and commission of actuators, gearboxes, valves, instrumentation and associated accessories for management of flow control

Training / Consulting

Training and consulting on Flow control equipment for actuators and valves tailored to customers requirements, ranging from basic to technically advanced courses

Servicing / Maintenance

Site surveys, preventative & corrective maintenance, health checks, asset management and easily accessible after market service support on flow control equipment.

Lifetime Asset Management

Strategic approach to physical mapping, smart maintenance,  asset analysis, and actuator analytics of flow control assets to maximise operational efficiency.